Products For Hair Loss Try Them & Then Try What Really Works


Products For Hair Loss Try Them & Then Try What Really Works

One prescription drug has beenHair Revital Xapproved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of one type of alopecia. That type is male pattern baldness. The drug is called finasteride. Finasteride was originally used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate. It works by inhibiting the production of an enzyme that converts free-testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

DHT sensitivity is believed to be the primary cause of genetic androgenic alopecia or inherited pattern baldness in men. In women, the causes are believed to be more complicated and may include decreased estrogen production.The pharmaceutical company responsible for finasteride reported that 48% of the men in a five year study experienced no further loss of hair and some regrowth after two years of taking the drug. But, use of the drug is accompanied by many unwanted side effects, including, in some cases, erectile dysfunction.

Since there is no way to determine, ahead of time what side effects a man might experience, hormonal experts suggest that other products for hair loss should be recommended first and that finasteride should only be used as a last resort.The drug should not be used by women. Research indicates that it is ineffective for them, anyway, but if a woman is still fertile and becomes pregnant, the drug can cause severe birth defects. A pregnant woman should not even handle the tablets.

Obviously, finasteride is not the safest choice, but now pharmaceutical companies are trying to get other drugs that act in the same way, approved for use as prescription products for hair loss. It really makes more sense to try Minoxidil.Originally marketed under the trade name Rogaine in the US, Minoxidil is the only topically applied treatment for baldness to receive FDA approval. It is approved for use in both men and women.
The side effects are minor. Redness on the scalp is the most common one and most people do not experience it. When they do, it tends to go away after several days of use.


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