Atkins Diet And Diabetes The Real Truth


Atkins Diet And Diabetes The Real Truth

Acquiring diabetes has to do withCarb Blockersomething known as the glycemic index which is related to the amount of insulin reaction that is produced. Foods with a hired glycemic index rating can cause your pancreas to release a large amount of insulin to get help break down all the sugar and carbohydrates. These highly refined carbohydrates and sugar which make up a large amount of the American diet rank highly on the glycemic index.

When we are very young our bodies can more readily digest these types of foods because at that time your body will function much more efficiently. As we get older, however, we experience side effects such as extreme moods of things and weight gain. Eventually these symptoms become even more developed.

A lot of people who become overweight also become insulin resistant. This means that the insulin is not efficiently removing glucose from your bloodstream. Your pancreas then becomes overworked and releases huge amounts of insulin, sometimes over 20 times more than your body needs. A result of this is blood sugar dropping to extremely lower readings.

After years and years of a high carbohydrate type diet a person will eventually be fully diabetic. The primary fat creator in the body is insulin and those extra pounds normally train late onset type diabetes. Fortunately, there are warning signs that are easily identifiable to detect early diabetes. For example, your family physician can give you an insulin level test that will show you if you are at any risk for diabetic conditions in the future. A lot of studies have shown that a low-carb diet such as Atkins can be effective to control blood sugar levels.


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