Can Anxiety Turn You Completely Numb To Your Outer World?


Can Anxiety Turn You Completely Numb to Your Outer World?

If you are feeling like you need to see a hypnotist then your subconscious and Brain C-13 Review  conscious mind are probably out of alignment. It is not possible to change your conscious mind without changing your subconscious mind as it is your subconscious that is in control, but to do that the hypnotist needs to get past the conscious critical faculty and talk directly to the subconscious mind. There are five main ways that demonstrate how hypnosis really works in hypnotherapy.

The hypnotic induction is all about bringing the subconscious out so that it is dominant over the conscious mind. Hypnosis is about suspension of disbelief, about getting the mind of the hypnotee to accept everything done in hypnosis as real. In a nutshell, this is done by engaging the imagination in a simple task and then following with suggestions that lead them further into hypnosis. This can be fast with most subjects but it is not possible with everyone. The hypnotist can test that direct suggestion is effective by telling the subject they cannot open their eyes and then telling them to try. If the subject reacts well to this it is clear that the subconscious mind is dominant over the conscious process and change may be achieved simply by telling them that from now they will do X instead of Y.

The subconscious does not make decisions, it does not work things out, it just does what it knows so if you tell it something while it is dominant and therefore without the interference of the conscious mind it will simply start doing that instead. This is only possible with really good hypnotic subjects and may not be possible with every issue even with them. The mind is many parts and often needs a little more convincing in order to get all parts on board. Hypnosis is often a matter of resolving inner conflict.

This is about manipulating the suspension of disbelief. By giving the mind tasks to do that are metaphorically related to the job that actually needs doing. In hypnosis, with the subconscious dominant, it can accept the imaginary task as actually doing the real thing. With the imagination fully engaged and disbelief suspended the mind accepts the fact that what it is doing is making the desired change. This is most effective with direct suggestion thrown into the process to emphasise and compound the message, to guide the mind in the change that it is performing. The work can also be checked after or during the process for good measure using Ideo Motor Responses and to help convince the conscious mind that something has really changed.


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