Five Common Allergy Medications - Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each


Five Common Allergy Medications - Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

Secondly, begin restoring the population of beneficial bacteria Breathe Green Charcoal Bag Review within your GI tract. This involves taking a quality probiotic. Visit your local health food store and purchase a probiotic that requires refrigeration, to assure that you are consuming live cultures of bacteria. Third, avoid the use of antibiotics, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications such as Tylenol, Aleve, etc as much as possible. These kill the good bacteria in your belly. I'm not saying to ignore your doctor's advice if you have an infection. But, if use of these products CAN be avoided, it is important to do so.

Lastly, give yourself a break for a while. Lay off the booze and heavy meals. Up your intake of fruits and vegetables significantly. Meat and cheese are tough on the digestive system. Dairy products are the biggest culprit in causing poor digestion and GI damage, and they should be avoided entirely if you want to heal much faster. Remember that your food allergies are a chronic health condition. This means that it took quite a while for them to develop. Your GI system was able to take quite a beating, but now it is down for the count. It may take a while to heal. Accepting this isn't easy, but be grateful for the knowledge you have to heal yourself, and optimistic about your future as a much more healthy individual. This sucks, but it is good that you caught it before something more serious developed.

I should add that I do not recommend that you jump right into eating foods that you were previously allergic to after taking some time to heal your GI system. It very well may work, but if you have a serious food allergy, such as one that causes anaphylactic shock, it is not safe to go out and eat shellfish simply because you are on a probiotic. Talk with your allergist about safe ways to test your allergic response and slowly incorporate these foods back into your diet.

Many people, especially in large cities, think of poor air quality as an outside thing. Cars, factories, trains, trucks, and other things we encounter daily emit pollutants that affect the air we breathe. However, the fact is that the air you breathe outside is usually not the most harmful air to your health. Most people do more damage by breathing the air inside their homes, thanks to harmful airborne particles such as dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and tobacco smoke.


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