Secret To Success! The 12 Things You Need!


Secret to Success! The 12 Things You Need!

There is board game called go. It is different 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review from the game chess. In the game go the objective is to dominate the board by taking up the most space on the game board. In life successful people dominate the public perception of them. The more success a person has and the more well-known the successful person is the more protected this person is from their enemies.

Have you noticed how hard it is to criticize a highly successful and popular person and get away with it. Some people have such a good reputation that you would look like a fool criticizing this person. That's The Power of success and a big reputation. Superstars are more well-known than critics. A critic tries to make a name for himself by attacking someone who is highly successful. Like the old saying goes, there has never been a statute erected to a critic. So keep on pushing and keep on striving for higher Heights. That way you will leave your enemies in the dust.

A question - do you think driving faster, eating faster, walking faster, working faster etc. or doing anything faster gives you one more minute of life? Do you think it really adds value to the quality of your life? If your answer is - yes to either question - don't bother taking the time to finish reading this article cause it will be a waste of your time.

Everywhere I go or am I see people who just can't do everything faster and it amazes me that they all think this life approach is working or shall I say giving them more time to do other stuff in a hurry or to get somewhere else in a hurry or to - whatever - in a hurry. My other point is simply that rushing usually) not always) in the end is a waste of time as you now have to fix something, change something, apologize for something or do something all over again.


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