Viewpoints On Survival Packages For Disaster Preparation


Viewpoints On Survival Packages For Disaster Preparation

Shelter- Shelter is the most important 3 hours in bad weather. If you Combat Fighter Review know how to pitch a tent correctly then all this may mean to you is packing a tarp and equipment to set it up. If you don't then remember to pack something you know how to setup. Also remember to pack a sleeping bag and anything else you might need to keep you dry and warm.

Water- Water is behind shelter 3 days without water. Pack a few water bladders and remember to keep your water bladder filled with clean water this may mean dumping the water in it and refilling it every now and again to make sure the water is nice and clean if the situation arises where you need to use it. Also, a water filter can save your life if you run out of water. Never drink water in the wild without boiling/treating it.

Recommended amount of water intake is different for everyone but a good way to think about is half your weight in fluid ounces. So if your weight 150 pounds, 75oz a day is your recommended amount. 128 fluid ounces is a gallon so that would mean you need to drink a little more than half a gallon a day. Food-Food is in last at 3 weeks that's assuming you have water. Freeze dried food and MRE's are recommended for survival because they are high calorie food rations that will provide your body with the energy it needs.

Trail mix also has a lot of calories so you may want to consider packing some to eat while you're traveling. Like water, the recommended amount of calories differs from person to person depending on height, weight, gender and more but try to eat 3,000 calories a day. Never eat below 1,200 calories a day. Many fire departments in the United States do not have a formal Rapid Intervention Team, most often known as a RIT Team. It is really important for each department to conduct an informal
Needs Assessment to determine if a RIT Team is feasible.


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