Nasal Remedies 101 Irrigation


Nasal Remedies 101 Irrigation

Nasal remedies for stuffy nasalBreathe Green Charcoal Bagpassages, sinus pressure and general nasal dryness are often the result of dryness or irritants in the nasal passages. General maintenance of your nasal airways can be very beneficial in treating nasal or sinus issues, helping you breathe easier. In addition, cleaner nasal membranes can help minimize the number of infections you may have throughout the course of a winter or allergy season.

Winter brings cold air, but also very low humidity. As winter settles in, your home heating system begins to run more often which adds to the dryer environment. You may notice more severe sinus issues, dryness and as more material collects inside your nasal passages.

Headaches associated with sinusitis may also become more often. Swelling of the membranes around the sinus' can lead to pain behind the eyes or cheekbones and discharge from the nose shows signs of infections.

There are several ways to help keep your airways clean and free of irritants and infection causing material through nasal irrigation. The most common and easy way to irrigate is through a device that introduces a saline based solution into one nasal cavity. It begins to drain out the other and flushes away the debris along with it. Conducting this process on a routine basis may help your battle against sinus or congestion issues.

In summary, there are many nasal remedies to combat the issues associated with sinus infections, but utilizing a nasal irrigation process may help keep the infections to a minimum as you begin to remove unwanted material where bacteria can grow.


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