The Best Hope To Make Money In Retirement Will Be The Internet


The Best Hope to Make Money in Retirement Will Be The Internet

The internet will provide hope for manyYour Income Profitsbaby boomers looking for the best way to make money for their retirement. 2011 marks the year that the oldest Baby Boomers reach their 65th birthday. For the last quarter century, this generation has been fueling our economy, pushing stock prices, real estate values, and the prices of all assets in general, higher than ever before.

Unfortunately not only were we borrowing most of the money we needed to pay for our purchases, but we were leveraging the very assets we were purchasing, at an over-inflated price. In other words, we were buying things with money we didn't have, paying a higher price than the things were worth, thereby skewing the demand side of the traditional "supply and demand" model. The supply curve responded to a demand curve that was not backed by real money.

Now at a time when we want to "cash in our chips," we are discovering that our chips aren't worth as much as we, perhaps naively, thought that they would be worth. That is to say, nobody will now give us as much for our chips as we originally paid for them. Since we based our retirement lifestyle on the inflated value of our chips, and now can't find any buyers for those chips at the inflated price, we have to sell our chips for less. As a generation of folks not willing to settle for less, we will need to figure out a way to create more chips.

Fortunately one of the greatest technological contributions of Baby Boom generation - the internet - will prove to be its salvation. The internet will become the best hope this generation has to make money for its retirement. This technology has created the fastest growing business platform in history, producing tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to succeed in business for themselves by taking advantage of the proven business models available on the internet.


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