Alzheimer's Disease-If I Ignore It Will It Go Away?


Alzheimer's disease-If I Ignore it Will it Go Away?

We know the answer to that unaskedIGR Plusquestion is "No." The question is not asked, because asking the question would force us to talk about it. It is the two thousand pound elephant in the middle of the room that we walk around and pretend not to see. Something is changing. The angry outbursts and memory problems and mood swings could be caused by a number of things...but it could be Alzheimer's disease. Far too often we would rather walk around the elephant than acknowledge it.

If Alzheimer's has no cure why do we need to know if that is the reason for the changes?Because other things can bring about similar symptoms and a lot of THOSE things can be treated. Ruling out other organic problems will help the family look that elephant right in the eyes and figure out how to work with it. A Neurologist can run a few tests, ask some questions and give you a pretty good idea whether it is Alzheimer's disease and if it is what stage they are in.

What if it is Alzheimer's disease?If it is then you begin to deal with the reality rather than pretend not to notice. Thankfully the days of locking the "crazy aunt" in the attic are gone. Someone with dementia may be behaving in a way that is totally out of character but if you equip yourself with knowledge about the disease and put together a plan you will be far better prepared than if you try to correct, remind, cajole or demand that your loved one stop behaving oddly. If you had a brain tumor could it be removed by demanding it vanish? Could denying that it existed make it go away? Alzheimer's disease is organic. It isn't a will full act of misbehavior or forgetfulness. Plaque is spreading across the brain and taking with the ability to make good judgments, keep themselves in check (loss of inhibitions), short term memory and eventually gait problems, speaking or even swallowing will be compromised.


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