My Utmost For The Highest


My Utmost For The Highest

I once ended up going north in the UK when I should have been going south.7 Day Prayer Miracle Review On this occasion, my dynamic friend who was driving majored on action but flunked on planning. He kept up a steady sixty miles an hour driving on intuition and a very vague knowledge of the route. Fortunately, I spotted the signs to Newcastle when we should have been viewing signs to Dover and the south.

We did an about turn and eventually reached home in Kent! We had a good laugh at the time but might not have been so merry if we had actually ended up in Newcastle.On the other hand, you have people who never leave home because they spend too much time worrying about the best routes. These people think too much and plan too much. The same happens in any activity whether it is driving or going in to business. Some people think too much and never act and others act without thinking.

On the whole, it is probably better to have a bias towards action rather than thinking. At least, if you act, you can find out that you are going the wrong way and take corrective action. If you just think, nothing much happens.It is at the least arguable that not enough thought and planning took place before Iraq was invaded. The UN majored on thinking and talking while the USA and UK majored on action. A little more communication between the two groups might have improved the chances of a happy outcome.

My computer trouble shooter, Danny Burke, reckons that action should take up 75% of our time and thinking should take up 25%. Certainly, it is worth reading some at least of the instructions before trying to install some software or hardware on your computer!Taking action can relieve stress. If you are worried about something, taking action of some sort right now can relieve the anxiety. Are you worrying about being in debt Take action and buy less. Cancel all the magazines you never read etc. If your house is cluttered, stop feeling overwhelmed by it all and take action to sell or give away or even throw away unnecessary items.


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