Do's And Don'ts With Contact Lenses

Do's and Don'ts With Contact Lenses

Do's and Don'ts With Contact Lenses

Like all Acuvue products Acuvue 2 lenses are made with UV protection. Many people do  PMF Advanced Proof Review not realize that UV protection is as important for the eyes as it is for the skin. Corneal sunburn can occur with repeated exposure to bursts of UVA and UVB rays if the eyes are not adequately protected. These lenses are class 2 UV blockers making them an excellent choice for even the most enthusiastically active wearers.Vistakon the subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson that manufactures this product explains that more than 70% of Acuvue 2 wearers get better than 20/20 vision according to clinical trials.

Having worn these contacts personally I can attest to the fact not only do I have better than 20/20 vision but the comfort level is quite consistent throughout the day. In the past prior to this sort of technology coming out the lenses would feel fresh and moist when you put them in but as the day wore on my eyes would start feeling drier and irritable.

This was due to the fact lenses then (and many even today) coated the outside surface of the lens with the wetting agent. The problem with this is with each blink small portions of that solution wear away.These lenses however employ a new technology where infusing the wetting agent inside the lens material itself gives it the ability to constantly provide an invigorating feeling all day long even in harsh and dry conditions.

These lenses are considered soft sphericals and since they are made from a hydrophilic or water attracting composite they tend to absord moisture thereby keeping the contact soft and comfortable on the eye. Another key advantage with these lenses is unlike other lenses these are precision manufactured in an identical manner giving you consistent crisp vision each and every time you wear them.


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