Hair Growth - How To Stop Your Hair Loss Quickly With These Hair Tips


Hair Growth - How to Stop Your Hair Loss Quickly With These Hair Tips

Should you have the more severe form of scalp acne, do not attempt to  Foligray Review i do anything with it by yourself. Book a consultation with a dermatologist or consult your local doctor first.There are many things that can damage your hair. Blow dryer, straightening and curling irons are just some examples. Hair color, sun exposure and pollution can also damage your hair, too. Luckily, there are several techniques on how to repair damaged hair fast at home.

One of the most common hair problems for women is split ends. It can be solved by simple trimming. You can do it on your own but do not hesitate to see a hair stylist if you are uncomfortable with the idea. You can choose the hair with splitting ends. If all or nearly all of them are damaged, cut about quarter of an inch to prevent splitting up to the roots.

Minimize your use of shampoo to two to three times a week. Look for organic or natural shampoo, too. Follow the directions for use but apply it only on the scalp and roots. Keep your hair's natural oil by not shampooing the tips.

Conditioning hair thoroughly is also an important step on how to repair damaged hair. It would treat damages caused by coloring and constant heat application (i.e. curling iron). You may also consider deep conditioning every week. Conditioning is different from shampooing. It requires you to apply the conditioner from roots to tips.An alternative to commercially sold conditioners is egg yolk. It has great moisturizing properties. Use egg white if your hair is oily.


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