Corns And Callouses Causes And Cures


Corns And Callouses Causes And Cures

If you are suffering from "weird" skin growthsFungus Eliminatoron your feet and you don't know exactly what it is, then its probably Corns and/or Callouses. Corns are usually found between the toes while callouses can be found anywhere on the feet but usually on the soles. Its excessive skin growths that hardens and while its not really painful it can be very irritating.

The causes of Corns and Callouses can be either from infections or a bad diet although physical friction on the skin also plays a role. Wearing shoes that are too small can cause excessive friction between the toes while walking barefoot too much can cause excessive friction on the soles. In both cases these skin growths can occur and the solution is quite obvious.

When it comes to diet, an overly acidic system can cause it from forming. If your diet is high in processed foods, sugar and fats your body can become overly acidic. The solution is to eat foods that have greater alkalinity. These include most fresh fruits although apples and oranges are not recommended. Virtually all green vegetables will do wonders at making Corns and Callouses disappear. Its also important to eat foods that are rich in fatty acids (the good fats) and can be found in avocados and fatty fish like salmon.

On a more practical level you can soak your feet in warm water with cider vinegar or Epsom salts. Do this at least once a day for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. You can also gently massage your feet with Almond oil to help soften the skin and ease the irritation.


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