Products For Your Face!

Products For Your Face!

Products For Your Face!

Allright so now that we have covered the basics of what to use to  Lifting & Firming Cream Review clean your face lets get into the fun part - Products! As we all know there are hundreds and thousands of skin products all out there for you but where do you start? Since I can remember I have been buying different products ranging from hair, skin, nails, makeup and so on. Years of trying to figure out what works best has made me feel like an expert at this. If your skin tends to get red or irritated easily, then remember mild cleansers are the way to go.

Most of the time when I think mild cleansers I feel like this is not the deep clean I can feel because its not scrubbing my face. No need to think that you have to scrub at your face like a brill o pad! If you think about it you are breaking open fresh skin which causes bacteria to spread.Therefore people who tend to break out should steer away from harsh exfoliants.

Like I said, I have tried everything from dermatologist's office visits (really expensive and not over the counter) to regular drugstore products. So my all time favorite mild cleanser that I use both morning and night is Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (Mild formula). It is only $15 and lasts you for months! You can purchase at Clinique, Sephora, department stores and most beauty stores. If you ever take a look at the price of most facial cleansers they can range from $10 - $150 so for the price and the amount you are getting is an amazing price!

Now if you have problematic skin and this mild cleanser is not all you need, Clinique also offers Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam for $18. Basically I cleanse my face with this foam every other morning and in between I continue to use the Mild Liquid Facial Soap. So if you have your filtered water, Clarisonic Brush and the right cleansers your skin will become better than before. Not only will you start noticing a smoother, less red, and cleaner face, your friends and family who are close to you will notice too! If you follow these steps and it works for you let me know! I have not changed this skin regimen for a while and I have noticed consistent results in my own skin.


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