Plantar Fasciitis, Running And Chiropractic

Plantar Fasciitis, Running and Chiropractic

Plantar Fasciitis, Running and Chiropractic

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the connective tissue that travels on the bottom  Fungus Eliminator Review  of your foot from your heel to your forefoot. It can also be known as a heel spur although they're not necessarily the same. You may experience pain in your heel or in your arch, usually worse first thing in the morning, that gets better once you take a few steps. The pain may come and go throughout the day. So what's causing this

Our tendency is to locate the source of pain and then - rub it, poke it, heat it up, cool it down, inject it, or cut it out. While any of these may be effective, they are treating the end result, and not the source of the problem. This is akin to replacing your right front tire of your car every 3 months because it keeps wearing down. The problem is that your front end is misaligned and the worn out tire is the outward symptom.

The most common cause of plantar fasciitis is a subluxation (mis-alignment) of the joints in the lower half of your body. Now I know that the first thing you thought of was "the bones of my foot are misaligned". Ah, ah, ah...We need to go further up the chain. Although the source of the misalignment may be in your foot, it is significantly more common for this to be occurring in the low back or pelvis. When your low back or pelvis become subluxated, it alters your gait (walking or running pattern). This causes 2 things: leg-length differences leading to muscle-length differences. This leads to excessive pull on the plantar fascia due to the altered mechanics.

One leg becomes longer, there is reduced dorsiflexion (bringing foot up towards shin) in the leg, the achilles tendon becomes tight, the arch of the foot begins flattening, this creates increased distance between the forefoot and heel and increased tension on the plantar fascia. If this added tension on the fascia is not lessened, the body begins to change the soft tissue of the fascia into stronger tissue - bone. Voila! A heel spur develops on the front of the heel bone because this is where the fascia inserts and is its weakest link. A heel spur can not be removed except by surgery, so it is imperative to receive proper treatment at the onset of symptoms to prevent spur formation.


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