Each Moment Is A New Beginning


Each Moment Is a New Beginning

Because of this, it is easy to see why we hold the illusion of past and Duality Review future as our object of attention so powerfully and cling to it so desperately the way we do. If a person is to achieve the kind of happiness that is only possible from a standpoint of objective consciousness however, one must learn to see beyond this illusion. When time is seen as the illusion that it is, it ceases to be precious to us and it ceases to be necessary. What becomes precious is the present moment we are in. Life is not in the past and it is not in the future... it is now.

The now is the location of all the power you have ever had and will ever have. All that you are has culminated in the now, all that will be is becoming in the now. The now is all there is. When we imagine moments that might take place in the moments to follow the current moment, we draw a line of continuity from now to then and call those projections of moments to come future. All of those projections of future moments will happen in the now... they will happen in a future now.

The objective reality of eternalness which exists far beyond the confines of the subjective truth of time contains a glimpse of an axiom. The axiom is this... Because time does not exist, it is our choice what we become in each moment. We do not have to bring our old selves with us into the now. We do not need to think our happiness exists in the future.

All guilt, all sorrow, all fear, and all resentment can be left behind as we begin a new this very instant. All optimism, all freedom, all appreciation and all joy can be experienced in this very instant. The only thing holding us from this is our belief patterns that it can not be so. Each moment is a new beginning. It is always your choice to both see it and make it so.



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