Can Foods Fight Disease? Discover What Some Researchers Have To Say About Broccoli

Can Foods Fight Disease? Discover What Some Researchers Have to Say About Broccoli

Can Foods Fight Disease? Discover What Some Researchers Have to Say About Broccoli

Omega -3 fatty acids found in cold water fish have amazing benefits for the skin,IGR Plus Review including anti-aging effects and restorative powers. You do need to be careful, though as some cold water fish have been contaminated with mercury. Salmon, krill oil, trout, Atlantic mackerel, Pacific herring and shellfish are the best fishy sources of omega-3's. Omega-3 fats fight inflammation caused by free radicals which are among the top agers to your skin. These essential fats also help protect the skin against sunburn and sun damage. They can actually work with your sunscreen enhancing its effects.The protein in the fish is very user-friendly for the body and is wonderful for repairing the collagen proteins in the skin and also for helping to produce the enzymes and hormones that help keep the skin glowing.

Alkaline, ionized water is a special type of water that is produced by a machine beside your kitchen sink. This water has so many benefits for the body it is difficult to list them all here. Alkaline, ionized water is micro-clustered so it absorbs more readily and moisturizes your skin from the inside out. It has an amazing effect on your skin, hair and nails, adjusting the texture, giving you that smooth, silky feeling. Alkaline, ionized water has an amazing anti-aging effect on all parts of your body buy everyone will want to know what you put on your skin to look so good.Fill your fridge with all of the above foods and your body will thank you. Everyone will want your beauty secrets. Do you know what a turn on it is for a woman to caress a guy's soft, silky skin. You'll not only look and feel younger, you'll look younger. Who needs $400 creams with ingredients you can't pronounce.

Jean Perrins is a retired nurse and an alkaline, ionized water specialist. She has been field testing the effects of structured water on health in her clinic with sometimes astounding results. It is clear that water has an affect on health that we, in the West are just beginning to understand.Venison, or deer meat, is a staple on the table of many American families. Yet there are many people who can't stand the thought of "eating Bambi." The deer are too cute, and the hunters who hunt them are horrible, cruel people.I agree the deer are cute (actually, I think they're beautiful), but I still eat venison. And there are five primary reasons why I eat it and support urban hunting as a means of harvesting it.

With global warming a serious threat, people are beginning to understand the importance of eating local foods, whether it's produce or meat. This movement can be seen in the massive advertising grocers are doing to show how much of their produce and other food comes from local sources. More people are planting vegetable gardens and enjoying the rewards of eating what they sow. This is a very good thing!Venison is locally grown. My husband hunts within 10 miles of our home. The meat doesn't travel far to get on the table, and we know what it went through every step of the process (see reason 2 as to why that matters).When you buy meat from the grocery store, you don't really know under what conditions that animal lived, what it ate, how-or when-it was slaughtered, or where it came from. Of course it's safe to consume-the USDA makes sure of that. But beyond that, what do you really know about it.


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