Pacemaker Surgery


Pacemaker Surgery

Pacemakers are battery operated devicesAdvanced CardioRXthat are used to transmit electrical signals through the heart. They are placed into the human body through a minor surgery which requires doctors to thread the wires of the pacemaker device to the heart. On reaching the targeted spot, the machine is tested through transmission of low intensity electric signals. If the process turns out to be successful, the generator of the pacemaker carrying its batteries is inserted into the abdomen through a small incision and the wires connected to the cardiac muscles are attached to this portion.The purpose of implanting a pacemaker is to regularize heart beats which might be irregular due to arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is a condition associated with abnormally slow or fast heart beats. A heart block or significant damage to the cardiac muscles can cause Arrhythmia.

Pacemaker surgery procedure is relatively simpler than major cardiac operations and a safe method of relieving patients from symptoms of arrhythmia which may include fatigue, exhaustion and shortness of breath. It is interesting to note that there are different types of pacemakers to address various cardiac problems. There are demand pacemakers that conduct an automatic examination of the patient's heart and send out electrical signals upon detecting irregularities. However, a few pacemakers transmit electric signals all the time, irrespective of the functioning of heart. Such devices are called fixed rate pacemakers. Some other types of pacemakers adapt to the intensity of electrical signals which need to be transmitted in accordance with variations in the patient's physical activities. These are known as rate responsive pacemakers. A pacemaker can also be temporary and worn outside the body during the time a patient is in the hospital under medical examination.

Quite a few patients encounter slight pain in the operated area after a pacemaker implant. This phenomenon might not necessarily be an indicator of complications and patients might be required to consume pain relievers on the recommendation of a doctor. Avoiding strenuous activities is also an essential measure to be undertaken in these circumstances. However, there are some rare complications involved in the pacemaker surgery and their possibility cannot be ruled out entirely. Some risks associated with the procedure include, an infection in the operated area, bruising of a blood vessel that was used to thread the wires of pacemaker and a reaction to the medicines given at the time of operation.


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