How To Increase Blood Supply To Your Scalp To Regrow Your Hair


How to Increase Blood Supply to Your Scalp to Regrow Your Hair

Exercising muscle needs more bloodHair Revital Xthere may be a faster flow of blood to areas of the head involved in exercises, mainly the muscles, but possibly other tissues including the hair follicles. Not only is more nutrition supplied, but toxic metabolic waste is taken away from the follicle. Lymphatic drainage (lymph is essentially 'waste fluid') could also be increased. However, there is no evidence that an increased blood supply dispels DHT from the hair follicles. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) as you may know, has been implicated in causing hair loss. Hair follicles may produce the enzyme 5-alpha reductase which converts testosterone to DHT. DHT causes follicles to shrink.

It may be that the exercise has a stimulating effect directly on the hair follicles, which are essentially specialized skin cells. Skin cells are affected, as the risk of wrinkling skin is reduced by exercise.The hair cycle itself may be affected and exercising may keep the hair follicles longer in the growth stage.

The scalp exercise may slow down the natural aging process in the follicle by mechanisms yet unknown.One of the great advantages to exercising the scalp is that it is simple and unobtrusive (and obviously there is no expensive product regimen to follow). I have long realized that traditional medicine cannot always supply us with the answers we need, and that is why I am a proponent for such natural methods.


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