How Should I Handle My Ingrown Toenail?

How Should I Handle My Ingrown Toenail?

How Should I Handle My Ingrown Toenail?

Toenail fungus can be treated with home remedies as well. There are Fungus Eliminator Review many effective home treatments including vinegar and tea tree oil. Vinegar is diluted with water - two parts water to the vinegar - and the solution is used as a soak. The infected foot should soak about 20 minutes, and this should be a daily routine. The tea tree oil treatment is a great natural remedy, and the oil has no known negative side-effects. It is used by applying directly to the infected area, and is done a couple of times a day.

Other popular home remedies to treat toenail fungus that are low-cost and work great are Listerine, Vicks VapoRub and Hydrogen Peroxide. Listerine is used as a soak, and many users swear it brings amazing results. Hydrogen Peroxide can be used most effectively as a soak, but can also be slightly diluted and applied directly. Vicks VapoRub is used as a topical treatment at bedtime underneath a clean pair of socks. It is important that if using the Vicks VapoRub method, that the foot always be efficiently dry before application. If there is any moisture it will be locked in upon application.

An important part to treating toenail fungus is to let the feet breath as much as possible. Sandals and open shoes make for the best footwear. If you just can't bring yourself to show your toes, or work or lifestyle simply requires closed footwear, be sure to let them have air whenever possible.

Anyone who is embarrassed by it needs to understand how incredibly common it is. There is fungus hiding under shoes all around you! It can take a little time and effort, but with patience and determination you can surely beat unfortunate toenail fungus.The most obvious solution to cure toenail fungus is to seek an appointment with a doctor. A doctor will most likely prescribe a medication that is taken in pill form; however some topical solutions are available as well. It is important to know that some of the most popular prescribed treatments are known to cause liver damage. Make sure you research the medication. Inform your doctor if liver disease is in your family, and ask the pharmacist about anything you are unclear on.


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