Seven Common Mistakes We Make In Trying To Get To Sleep


Seven Common Mistakes We Make in Trying to Get to Sleep

In seeming contrast to 2. above is manyMela Luna Sleep Aidpeople's need for a bedtime snack. Because low blood sugar can often be the cause of waking up during the night, a bedtime snack IS a good idea, provided it's the right kind. Since the goal is to even out the blood sugar, rather than kick it into high gear, the snack should contain a little bit of protein (that's important) and some easily digestible carbohydrates. A bowl of ice cream does not really fill the bill, sorry to say.

Watching tv, surfing the web or text messaging right up to the moment of trying to go to sleep Why not, you say? These things relax me! Well, actually, each of these is stimulating in itself, though it may focus your energy into one place. But the real reason is that each of these contains blue light, which interferes with the gradual production of melatonin, the chemical that gets us down into sleep. If you're having trouble sleeping, try turning off these devices about an hour before bedtime and reading or relaxing in another way leading up to bedtime.

Whether it's a lumpy mattress, a stuffy room or a noisy bed partner that interferes with getting to sleep, each of these has an important role in our readiness to get a great night's sleep. Most of these things are fairly easy to correct, unless you sleep with a snorer, but consider your sleep environment as you would the site of a great vacation. Choose it with care and thought, invest some money in it and reap the benefits.

Letting worries take over your attempts to go to sleep All of us have things on our mind that could be the cause of a less than great night's sleep. Try to keep a pencil and paper by your bed to write some of these things down and get them off your mind and onto the paper for the morning so you can relax into sleep. If worries persist over time, seek some help for them so you can sleep.


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