EBook Secrets Creating An EBook That Sells


EBook Secrets Creating an EBook That Sells

Do you want to create an eBook that sells?SqribbleThen you need to take all that creative energy that you have and all those aspirations that you have about being a unique author and temporarily put them in a jar. We're not creating art. This isn't a quest to earn a literary award. We're interested in making some cold hard cash by publishing something that people will more than likely buy from us. How do we stack the odds in our favor? It's really simple. We do research and we see what kind of information is ALREADY selling. Do you understand how powerful this concept is?

Far too often we get caught up trying to figure out how we're going to sell something to people. Turn that around and start asking yourself what people want to buy. Then all you have to do is create what they're interested in buying and collect their money. This is a hardcore, brass knuckles tactic. We're going after the money. We're not looking for people to write to us and tell us how unique and wonderful our writing is, or anything like that. What we want to do is identify the types of information that people are already buying, and then create something that meets that demand. This is how you create an eBook that sells like hotcakes.

Look at it this way. When you've made a lot of money you can always take time out to create the book of your dreams and self-publish it. You can even pay to have it promoted. You can share your unique insights and rare writing abilities with the rest of the world. But until then, if you want to shovel cash off the Internet I'd highly recommend you focus all your effort on creating eBooks that people want to buy.



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