Sleep Apnea Oxygen Mask

Sleep Apnea Oxygen Mask

Sleep Apnea Oxygen Mask

One of the most effective treatments for obstructive sleep apnea is the use of a  Lunexia Sleep Aid Review CPAP, BiPAP, or APAP machine to force the airway to remain open and reduce apnea caused by collapsing tissue in the throat. This is achieved by forcing pressurized air down the airway to allow the patient to breathe easier in the event that tissue begins to obstruct the airway. This pressurized air is delivered through some form of mask or other apparatus that directs the pressurized air into the nose or mouth.

There are many different interfaces that allow this to occur, and choosing one that best suits you is critical to maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment. An uncomfortable interface can reduce the patient's ability to sleep peacefully, countering any positive effects the machine may be providing. Therefore, great consideration she be had when choosing an oxygen mask.

Before you choose your sleep apnea oxygen mask, it is important to be informed about the mask you plan on purchasing. Most oxygen masks are triangular and made of a synthetic material such as plastic or rubber. The masks use various sealing methods, such as a soft foam or rubber gasket to form the seal with the face.

Masks come in varying sizes to accommodate a wide variety of customers, and to ensure that each patient receives a mask that can fit the contours of their face. Most sleep apnea oxygen masks have straps that encircle the head and under the chin to ensure a tight seal and to prevent slipping during the night.


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