Angels - Chassan Is The Angel Of Air And Serenity

Angels - Chassan is The Angel of Air And Serenity

Angels - Chassan is The Angel of Air And Serenity

The element air represents, movement, change, fresh ideas, clearing out the  Duality Review old, making way for that which is new. The Angel of Air, Chassan, calms the Spirit with soft breezes filled with serenity and peacefulness. He will assist you in releasing annoying thoughts which seek to block your inner sense of harmony and balance; gifting us with a sense of tranquility. Angel Chassan assists Archangel Raphael in creating balance healing body, mind and Spirit.

Use your breath to "pivot" your emotions, your thoughts, and your energy. Retune your inner Self to a state of serenity during stressful moments or situations. Touch your tongue to the rood of your mouth, completing your internal circuit of energy and balance.

What kinds of decisions are you attempting to make? Discerning that which is for your highest and best good and that which does not serve you? If you will, remember to breathe, simply focusing on your breath, you will begin to experience a sense of stillness within. As you begin to experience stillness, your thoughts, your emotions become quiet. The still small voice within can now be heard, your inner guidance. You have the knowledge; you know what you want and where you want to go.

Knowing the "how" of the journey before you is not essential in reaching your goals, your heart's desires. As you travel the path before you, allowing all to unfold, creating its own Divine Magic, its Divine Essence in your lift, you will be shown the way, the "how" becomes apparent. Be willing to be willing to allow yourself to flow with the stream of life, offering non-resistance to that which you seek. Once asked, be willing; be open to receiving guidance, manifestation of all you desire.


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