Insomnia Causes And Solutions


Insomnia Causes and Solutions

Many people will experience insomnia in theirThe Stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea Exercise Programlives, and there are many reasons for this. First, there are two classifications of insomnia: Primary and Secondary. Primary insomnia is the much simpler of the two, it is not caused by a physical problem. Sometimes it can be as simple as room temperature, or too much noise, or other uncomfortable sleeping conditions. If this is the case, there are many things you can try to solve the problem. Flipping your mattress can do a lot to improve your comfort; you can also try moving the bed to different locations in the room which may have a positive psychological effect. The perfect sleeping conditions are a dark, cool room with minimal noise.

This is not always within your control; you may have noisy neighbors, it may be the middle of summer and you are without an air conditioner etc. In this case there are still things you can do to improve the situation. For noise, you can bring something into the room which will make "white noise", this is a constant noise which will not change in pitch or volume which can drown out other noise. A fan can make white noise, or you can leave a radio on an unused frequency where it will produce nothing but static. If that fails, earplugs may be an option. Temperature is harder to control, especially if you cannot invest in an air conditioner. If it is too hot, again, a fan can help, and a spray bottle filled with cold water as well. For a hot room, you may want to take a hot shower before bed. This is because the air in the room will feel cool in contrast to the hot water from the shower.

There are of course certain substances which can make it very difficult to sleep. If you drink six cups of coffee per day and have trouble sleeping at night, it does not take an expert to figure out where the problem lies. You should cut down on caffeine, especially later during the day. If you are a smoker, cutting down on your nicotine will help as well especially later in the day. People seem to believe that alcohol can help cure insomnia because it makes you sleepy. First of all, sleeping after consuming a large amount of alcohol will make your sleep quality extremely poor. Secondly, some people actually find it more difficult to sleep after drinking alcohol and some even wake early after drinking.


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