What Makes Chromic Gut Suture 2-0 On An SH Suture Needle Ideal For Soft Tissue


What Makes Chromic Gut Suture 2-0 on an SH Suture Needle Ideal for Soft Tissue

The Ethicon item code for this particular suture andIGR Plusthread combination is G123H. Chromic gut suture 2-0 when combined with an SH suture needle which is twenty six millimeters in diameter on a half inch circle or round bodied and tapered point is ideal for soft, easily penetrated tissues. This is a relatively small half needle in size and cross section. This option comes with a suture thread of 27inches, (70cm) in length; however it is available in different lengths, which would then come as a totally different item number. This is also a good suture for veterinary use.

Chromic gut 2-0 sutures provides first rate knot safety because they have been designed keeping in mind secure knotting. They have a very high tensile strength and exhibit enhanced pliability because of its compositions which is what makes them so flexible. They consist of natural and purified collagen, and the natural thread color is brown for better detection. The chromic gut suture on an SH needle is manufactured in a way that provides a greater resistance to absorb. CHROMIC GUT Suture by Ethicon is supposed to be used in general soft tissue approximation (similar but not exactly the same) and ligation, including the use in ophthalmic surgery procedures, but not for use in cardiovascular and neurological tissues.

Chromic gut suture is both absorbable and sterile. The absorbable material soaks up liquid easily while being sterile means that it is completely clean and free from bacteria. All these qualifications prove that it is a good suture combination as well as a good surgical device in the suture market globally.

The use of this suture is contraindicated in patients with recognized sensitivities or allergies to collagen or chromium, as gut is a collagen based material, and chromic gut is taken and treated with chromic salt solutions. A contraindication is a medical terminology that means a situation or factor serving as a reason to hold back a particular medical treatment.



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