World Mental Health Day - Communities Can Be Crucial In Helping To Restore Mental Health

World Mental Health Day - Communities Can be Crucial in Helping to Restore Mental Health

World Mental Health Day - Communities Can be Crucial in Helping to Restore Mental Health

The effective cost of mental health care in the UK can be totalled to hundreds Super Memory Formula Review of billions, but far more important is the immense human cost of not providing such care at all.For both Short And Long-Term Therapy on which you can rely, don't hesitate to contact our experienced and well-qualified professionals at Portland Practice.For many it is very surprising when psychologists propose coloring pages to patients struggling with mental issues. Most of them are wondering "How can coloring help me?".

It turns out that coloring can help most of us in several different ways Do you know who Carl Jung was? This great psychologist was always far ahead of his time. Many decades ago he began to use coloring pages in his work. It was a tool to help his patients discover hidden areas of their subconsciousness and self-knowledge. Nowadays, many psychologists also suggest to use coloring as a supportive therapy or even as a substitute to meditation. Where is the key to success? The rule is quite simple but effective. Namely, when an individual focuses on coloring then it is much easier to push away unwanted and harmful thoughts.

Probably not everyone knows what amygdala is? This small part of the human brain plays a vital role in the body of every human being. It regulates our primary fight or escape reaction. But what is more, it also keeps us in a high level of worry and even a state of panic. That is exactly what happens when it is too active. On the contrary, coloring is very relaxing activity turning such reactions down.

Another great benefit of coloring is that it helps to solve many of emotional disorders. Some examples of them are excessive anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, depressive thoughts and even some of the eating disorders. What is more, it has a salutary effect on anger and, in some cases, substance abuse issues.Do you remember your childhood? Most of us were happier and more energetic at this stage of our lives. Coloring is an activity that very effectively invokes such memories. It would be nice to have no significant problems and responsibilities as an adult person. Instead of it, just do things for a pure joy. Such thoughts are a real remedy for an anxious soul. They also allow looking at life from a different and probably much more optimistic perspective.


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