Controlling Diabetes The Natural Way


Controlling Diabetes the Natural Way

Controlling diabetes begins with careful selectionMale Diabetes Solutionof the foods that you put into your body. This means that you will have to learn which foods cause your blood sugar to go up fast and which ones cause it to go up more slowly. You will then have to, as much as possible, structure your diet around the foods that have the least affect on your blood glucose levels. This allows you to somewhat control your diabetes naturally.

In fact, by watching your diet, you may improve your blood glucose levels so much that your doctor feels comfortable in decreasing the amount of medications that he prescribes for you.So, what are the bad foods that you should avoid. Mostly, they are the "junk" foods which, traditionally, are processed foods that contain zero or few nutrients and are converted to glucose almost immediately after being consumed. Better foods are whole foods. This includes whole grain breads and pastas instead of refined pastas. It also includes, whole fruits and vegetables instead of fruit and vegetable juices. In recognition of the facts that the number of cases of diabetes is increasing rapidly, some manufacturers have begun to produce processed food products specifically designed for diabetics.

One thing not often mentioned in controlling diabetes is sleep. Studies have shown that women who do not get enough sleep tend to be much more likely to develop diabetes than those who get plenty of sleep. One theory is that sleep deprivation increases the body's insulin resistance. This means that the less hours of sleep you have, the less able your body will be able to handle glucose in your bloodstream.

Drinking lots of water is also good for controlling diabetes. Water helps to purify the body and clean the liver. It also is effective in helping the insulin in the body to do its job better. In addition, drinking water is good because it replaces your intake of other drinks such as colas or fruit drinks which are not good for you. Water also gives you a sense of fullness so you don't feel as hungry. So, if you're overweight, drinking water can help you to lose weight by curbing your appetite.


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