A Synopsis Of Cosmedix Serum 16


A Synopsis Of Cosmedix Serum 16

The most recent epitomized double retinolLifting & Firming Creaminnovation from CosMedix In the business' first double retinol hostile to maturing serum, Serum 16 by CosMedix presents the most exceptional exemplified conveyance framework accessible: LG Retinex. This restrictive innovation is demonstrated to convey higher power and improved adequacy for detectable skin comes about.

HOW IT WORKS LG Retinex utilizes "insightful epitome" that not just secures elements for greatest long haul strength and adequacy, additionally advises the skin to act more youthful through a supercharged blend of retinol and retinal-making the most intense type of vitamin An accessible without a medicine. Retinol and retinal are the brilliant guidelines in invigorating the fibroblasts, the cells in charge of the generation and combination of collagen. These two retinoids assume a key part in fortifying and quickening shedding and advancing the cell restoration and revival.

Serum 16 gloats an entire 16% LG Retinex in its equation to give Maximum intensity. By consolidating retinol with retinal, Serum 16 is the new highest quality level in non-solution age rebellion.Supercharged transport system- Utilizing the best liposomal conveyance framework accessible, combined with glycosaminoglycans to help in film conveyance, LG Retinex conveys actives profound into the skin where maturing happens.

Supremely steady- CosMedix's embodiment shields fixings from oxidation, for up to double the viability of existing advances. "It finds a way to change over retinol to retinoic corrosive, the most dynamic type of vitamin An, and one and only metabolic stride to change over retinal to retinoic corrosive.Drastically decreases the look of almost negligible differences and wrinkles with Microencapsulated Retinol Complex. Stacked with Vitamin E, this quick reestablishment complex is the ideal approach to present dry, touchy skin to a Retinol item. Nonirritating, hydrating recipe standardizes skin and revitalize with astonishing results.



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