Can I Make A Living Playing Blackjack

Can I Make a Living Playing Blackjack

Can I Make a Living Playing Blackjack

Seriously, "How to make a living playing blackjack or how to win at blackjack",   Profit Maximiser Review are the questions that aspiring gamblers and casino professionals always ask and look to for a suitable mentor to follow. To begin with, basic card counting has to be achieved first. The moment you can card count a deck in 10 to 15 seconds and chat with your friends at the same time, you know you have cross this basic certificate in blackjack strategy!

Also, not to forget, blackjack playing professionally requires substantial cash. If you want to do a quick bet technique without a lot of cash capital, try watching a table and card count until that lead is in your favour and go in with a high bet. Usually the casino will think you are some joker trying to act clever, but they will watch you for sure. So bet and win and leave. Move around between casinos if you are this sort of players so that you are not under their list of "card counters".

Once you have done the basics, your next "diploma" will be advanced techniques in card counting. Systems like counting aces in side counting, High Opt I or II and then you have also the tracking of ace in the deck. You can't use too many of them or else you get confused and misled by one another.

For example, ace tracking is to determine what comes out of the card under the ace card and remember that card to determine when the same ace will appear and to hit on that probability. This is high skilled level and is not easy to achieve. Ace side counting is basically to count the left over aces still in the decks. You have to divide the aces count against the decks and this is similar to multiple deck card counting strategy.


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