Diabetic Retinopathy What You Need To Know!


Diabetic Retinopathy What You Need to Know!

Diabetes often causes damage to small bloodLutenolvessels throughout the body, including the eye. Damage to the eye is most commonly seen in the retina, the delicate tissue that lines the back of the inside eye. The retina receives light and transmits visual information to the brain, much like the film in a camera. Diabetes can also cause early development of cataracts and increase the risk of glaucoma. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of decreased vision and blindness.What are the symptoms?In the early stages, there are little to no symptoms. There may be a slight decrease in the clarity of vision, but in many cases, vision appears to remain quite good. This makes it essential that diabetic changed be detected by a complete, dilated eye examination. As the disease progresses of if bleeding occurs, vision may become very cloudy or blurred.

A complete eye exam includes a dilated evaluation of the retina. When indicated, the blood vessels are further evaluated by a photographic test called fluorescein angiography. This test involves injecting a dye into a small vein on the hand or arm and taking a series of photographs of the blood vessels in the retina. This test provides the doctor with the most accurate information possible regarding the health of the vessels and the retina. These results can also be a helpful tool when laser surgery is indicated.

When leaking blood vessels occur, they can be treated with a laser, a powerful beam of light that destroys of seals these abnormal vessels. Laser treatment is often helpful in lowering the risk of future vision loss. Laser treatments require no incisions and are performed in the doctor's office. In more advanced retinopathy, or if bleeding into the vitreous occurs, a surgical procedure called a vitrectomy may be necessary. Surgical treatment is recommended only after other options have been exhausted. The best way to minimize the possibility of complications from diabetes is preventive care. The risks if vision loss with periodic exams and care of the eyes and by maintain good health.




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