All About Eye Floaters


All About Eye Floaters

Have you ever looked out into the distance and seenSniper Vision Systemspecs of something floating in the line of your vision? They kind of look like dust particles when they float around the eye but, these "floaters", as they are known, will stand out if you start staring at a light or brightly colored object - like a white wall. You may also notice it when you come into or out of the sun. So, where do these floaters come from and what do they do to your eye? We will explore their role in your eye and how they come about!

Ever heard of a vitreous humour? Unless you hold a PhD or MD, chances are it's all Greek to you, right? Well, they lie within each eye and they are a jelly-like substance that works to keep the shape of the eyeball. This clear substance acts as a shock absorber when your eye is pushed out of shape. It's also made up of more than 98 percent water. On occasion, it happens that substances, like dust, float in the vitreous humour.

Usually, floaters will go unnoticed. Yet, sometimes they bother people, which forces people to rub their eyes - a big optical no-no. People often mistake these floaters for dust or tiny insects - then they start to rub their eyes, only to realize that the floaters are still there. Why does this happen? It's simple: The floaters are within the eye and not really on the surface. If you get annoyed by the floaters, do this exercise: look up and down, then from side-to-side. It will swish the vitreous humour and move the floater out of the way. If you try to look directly at them, they also may seem to disappear.

The floaters you see come in different shapes and sizes. These include dots, threads, clumps, squiggles, flecks, bubbles, webs and so on; and they are also known to increase with age. Basically, as you age the vitreous humour begins to dissolve and liquefy, which creates a watery center. Some of the un-dissolved gel will float around in the liquefied center of the vitreous. Oddly enough, what you are seeing isn't actually the object floating in your eye - it's actually the shadow and the floaters never stay dormant or still.


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