Tarot Psychics - Learn The Advantage Of A Tarot Card Reading Before You Call A Psychic

Tarot Psychics - Learn The Advantage of a Tarot Card Reading Before You Call a Psychic

Tarot Psychics - Learn The Advantage of a Tarot Card Reading Before You Call a Psychic

Why should I get a tarot card reading over another type of psychic? Is there   Duality Review  a difference between a "regular" psychic and a tarot readers? And if so... what are the advantages, if any, of calling a tarot psychic over another type of intuitive? Curious to know MY experience? Continue reading as I share it with you below!

The BIGGEST Advantage of a Tarot Reading over "Ordinary" Psychic Readings?

Honestly? They feel "richer" with potential, possibility and a multitude of paths to pick from. They are FAR more interactive, in the sense that the cards are symbolic of YOUR life, and the connection and rapport your reader feels with the fabric of YOUR future. (whereas occasionally even a really GOOD psychic reading can be very one sided... with the intuitive talking AT you, rather than with you)

Is the Tarot SYMBOLIC... or Concrete?

This is a great question! Tarot is symbolic and interpretive, rather than concrete. In other words....your reading is really going to depend not ONLY on the cards that are picked, but also on your readers ability to meld and mold what he or she sees, with the particular energy that he or she picks up from your aura. Sometimes, for example, I've had very eerily similar readings done 2 days in a row by 2 different tarot readers, and their interpretation of the cards has been pretty significantly different. (even though the cards were so close to the same that it TRULY convinced me that destiny is real!)

My overall impressions of tarot readings?

I've had many... and some of the best have been SO amazingly good, that they've completely changed my life, and the choices I've made along the way. Tarot is actually pretty inexpensive if you know where to look online, and you can find some super gifted readers who are truly passionate about helping you overcome the obstacles that life puts in our way in a hurry. While I DO recommend (and patronize) lots of different types of psychics as well, when I truly want an eye opening experience to help me make a very specific choice, I call a tarot reader first... hands DOWN!


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