What Are The Best Eye Exercises For You?


What Are the Best Eye Exercises For You?

In case you are among those peopleSniper Vision Systemwho believe that your eyesight cannot improve unless you opt surgery or use contact lenses and sunglasses, it's high time that you realize that this is a myth. Dr. William Horatio Bates (December 23, 1860 - July 10, 1931), an ophthalmologist first proved that one's eyesight can be improved by means of relaxation and also by performing eye exercises. Thus, the Bates method, named after him can successfully and naturally improve eyesight.

One of the basis on which the Bates method works is by recuperating the eyes from the regular strain and stress that it suffers. However, the Bates method's success has mixed reviews with scientists and researchers questioning the potential and viability of this method.Inspite of these claims and controversies people have gone ahead with the Bates method of treatment and have actually claimed to benefit out of it by having their eyesight improved naturally.

Interestingly enough the Bates method proceeds to treat the eyesight and vision problems based on psychological principles. In fact, doctor Bates himself claims to have treated several patients successfully by imparting them an improved vision, naturally. He has also been responsible for the book, "Perfect Sight Without Glasses," in 1920.



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