Proper Care And Maintenance Of Hearing Aids


Proper Care and Maintenance of Hearing Aids

When you remove the hearing aid each day,Tinnitus Terminatorwipe it off with a soft, dry cloth. Then inspect it to make sure there is no earwax buildup. If you see earwax, you should remove this. Most manufacturers provide you with some sort of tool-a brush, wire pick, or combination of both-to clean the hearing aid with. Make sure that your tools are always clean before working on your aids. Carefully remove any earwax from the hearing device. Sometimes a toothbrush can be helpful as well. You should then open the battery door and place the hearing aids in their case. Opening the battery door reduces moisture buildup and prolongs battery life.

Earwax buildup can block sound to the ear. Large accumulations of wax can also cause whistling or feedback. If the volume diminishes, earwax buildup could be the problem. A hearing care professional can check your hearing devices and recommend action.

If your hearing device has an earmold made of Lucite or silicone (behind-the-ear style aid), you can wash the earmold with a mild soap and water. You can actually disconnect the earmold from the aid to wash it. Make sure it is completely dry and that no water is trapped inside before re-attaching it to the hearing device. The tubing on this type of aid should be replaced every 3-6 months because it will lose its flexibility.

Protect your hearing aid from moisture. Water can damage the electronic circuitry in the aid. Always remove your aids before swimming, showering, bathing, or exercising. Don't leave your aids in the bathroom, where condensation can cause water damage. Also, dry perspiration around the ears to protect the hearing aid.

Cleaning solvents, alcohol, or soap and water should not be used to clean your hearing device. They can break down the materials in the aid or damage the electronics. There are some special sprays designed for the cleaning of hearing devices. You should see your hearing professional to get these products.


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