A Diet Plan That Really Works And Makes Life Easy

A Diet Plan That Really Works and Makes Life Easy

A Diet Plan That Really Works and Makes Life Easy

Lots of people are always looking for the perfect diet plan to achieve their fitness goals.  Cinderella Solution Review  And, indeed, there are countless plans to be found on the internet, in books, and anywhere you care to look. But, the trouble is, so many of these are fad diets. It's a Get Slim Quick Scheme that will surely end in disappointment and failure. How can you figure out which of these diets is good and which is just somebody trying to sell something?

The best way to know a good diet plan is one that is most unlike a diet. Avoid anything that has you skipping out on major food groups. Plans that require you to not eat anything for long periods of time should also be avoided. What you're looking for is a healthy, sensible approach to eating. You'll want to eat small, healthy meals several times each day and get a good balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. While you might feel a little hungry the first couple of days because you're getting used to new portion sizes, you're eating more often, so you shouldn't feel like you're starving. Starving is not the way to lose weight.

The plan I follow and that works for me is to eat 6 small healthy meals each day. For breakfast, I like to have a few eggs, a couple slices of toast, and a banana. 2-3 hours later, I'll eat a snack of yogurt and 1 oz of raw almonds. Then for lunch (in another 2-3 hours) I'll eat a large homemade salad with about 6 ounces of chicken, some tasty salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and any other veggie I can think to cram in there. I like to make my own dressing because I find the low fat/low cal ones at the store are usually not very tasty. I mix 2 tbsp of olive oil with 2 tbsp of vinegar and pour it on the salad when I'm ready to eat. It's actually quite good. Sometimes, I like to put dijon mustard in there too. 2-3 hours after lunch, I eat another snack, usually something like a cup of cottage cheese and some berries. For dinner, I'll have about 6 oz of chicken breast, fish, or lean beef with a portion about the size of my fist of rice and some steamed vegetables. As my last meal, a couple hours after dinner, I'll usually have a protein shake, or some kind of dessert made out of protein powder and pudding mix.

See how I'm eating normal meals and not starving myself? The amount of food you eat is going to depend on your body size. The portions I listed above work for me, but women may want to eat a bit less. In any case, the point is, use real food and enjoy it. Don't try to lose weight by starving yourself.




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