Symptoms - Sleep Apnea Signs To Watch For


Symptoms - Sleep Apnea Signs to Watch For

What is a sleep apnea machine It is a machine that allows sleep apnea sufferers to Mela Luna Sleep Aid Review get a better night sleep. It is otherwise known as a continuous positive airway pressure device or CPAP. The CPAP device includes a mask, tubes and a fan. It works by using air pressure to push your tongue forward and opens your throat. By doing this, it allows air to pass through your throat reducing snoring and preventing the sleeping problems caused by sleep apnea. The CPAP machine should be used every time you sleep. Although it does not cure sleep apnea, it will help you sleep better if you use it correctly.

If you think that you have sleep apnea, consult your doctor. Your doctor may send you to a sleep center for testing before suggesting you try a sleep apnea machine. You will likely try a CPAP device during the sleep study period. The sleep center will test the CPAP device on you to see which level of air pressure best suits you.A CPAP device is not perfect. Many people experience troubles with their device at first. However, do not give up. Quite often, the problems do go away once the person gets used to wearing the device. It just takes some time to get used to it. It may help you to find a support group of like-minded people to discuss your similar problems with sleep apnea and sleep apnea machines.

The first time a person uses a sleep apnea machine or CPAP device, they may experience the feeling of their nose feeling dry and stuffy. To alleviate this problem, try using a humidifier to add moisture to the air from the CPAP device. Many people also find that the mask is uncomfortable. You may need to try different masks to find one that fits you better than others do.

Another problem people experience with a sleep apnea machine is that their nose feels blocked up. You may need a nasal spray to help with this problem. People that breathe through their mouths do not have as much success with a CPAP nose mask as a person that breathes through their nose. A full-face mask that covers both the nose and mouth may help a mouth breather.


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