You Do Not Deserve Hair Loss


You Do Not Deserve Hair Loss

Androgenic alopecia or commonly knownRegen Regrowthas male pattern baldness is associated with testosterone specifically, a by-product called DHT. This hormone "strangles" follicles, cutting off the blood supply to them until the individual hair gets thinner, less pigmented and eventually falls out.
Hair loss in women is usually caused by hormonal changes in the body associated with the menopause. The reduction in oestrogen levels in the body means that testosterone has more effect, and more DHT is produced.

Hair loss can also affect mothers who just gave birth. During pregnancy the hormonal balance changes and the normal hair cycle is disrupted, so hairs that would normally fall out do not. When hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels, that hair falls out and the normal cycle begins again.
Medicines such as blood-thinners, birth-control pills, antidepressants and some drugs used during chemotherapy can also cause hair loss.
The hair regrowth cycle can also be disrupted by major surgery, illness or stress, and by rapid weight loss.

Clean hair feels better, looks better, and even smells better. Perspiration mixed with oil can make hair look greasy and stringy. To keep your hair fresh and shiny, shampoo often. Be sure to rinse well. Shampoo that is left in the head can dry out the hair.


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