Article Marketing Simplified


Article Marketing Simplified

Hundreds are wasting thousands and thousands of dollars  Secret Online Goldmine Review on pay-per-click advertising and other methods of marketing because of this one horrific mistake. Not asking for the visitor's email address. I've heard it over and over again. I'd rather give my visitors all the information they want and then they can choose to optin. I don't want anybody to feel forced to do something they don't want to do.

Well, guess what. Keep wasting your money dollars. There are so many benefits to asking for your visitor's email address and add them to your marketing list. And, if you offer them something of VALUE for FREE, they will WANT to join your list. Remember, they can unsubscribe at anytime. I'm not talking about spamming people, I'm talking about sending emails to your list that are RELEVANT to the info they requested in the first place and to bring more VALUE to their lives.

Having an optin form on your site is VITAL. You've heard 'the money is in the list' because it is. So start building a list NOW. So, to keep it short and sweet, go ahead and sign up for an email autoresponder service like GetResponse or Aweber, and add an optin form to your website right now. If you are like many men and women you dream of making money on the web, quitting your day job and saying good bye to your boss. At the same time you probably think that everyone on a web forum who says they are rich is lying, a scam artist or a swindler. Or, you think, they are making money on the web because they got lucky

Well, they may have gotten lucky because there IS luck in business. However, what 99% of those who are making money on the web are doing is following solid business principles and not quitting. Let me explain my personal list that works for me and might work for you too. I picked multiple niches that are proven to attract buyers. I did my research and found these niches to attract a hungry audience. This is key because if you like iguanas and nobody is willing to spend money on anything related to iguanas then you are out of luck. By the way, you probably COULD make money with a niche in iguanas because the world is your market.


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