Nandita Lavender Fragrance Oil Review

Nandita Lavender Fragrance Oil Review

Nandita Lavender Fragrance Oil Review

When it comes to improving memory, traditional treatments are not Dream Sculpting Review the only option. There are also several natural remedies such as Ayurvedic treatments that are said to help a person retain a high level of memory. Most of these treatments are quite safe, and you really have nothing to lose by trying them out, especially if your goal is to have a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Imagine that body, mind, spirit, thoughts, memories, images, language and all that falls into the realm of human consciousness and beingness are colored particles on a kaleidoscope. Imagine further this kaleidoscope has the potential to shift into ever widening spectrums of beauty and perfection. All it takes for these shifts to evolve and transform is your willingness to allow whatever shows up in your consciousness to be as it is. All it takes is for you to be present with your experience without judgment, criticism or comparison. All it takes is for you to want what you actually have, not wishing for things to be different, bigger, better or more impressive.

Imagine that instead of anxiety, panic, depression or dysfunction, you began to see a deeper process, a pattern and an underlying energy that could be used as an ally to cultivate your inner wisdom. Imagine each time you let go of the resistance to anxious, depressive or panicky feelings, you experienced a subtle almost imperceptible shift toward more space, freedom, flexibility and choice.

I imagine that the body itself is just dense thought, giving credence to Buddha's idea that we are what we think. I think we become enlightened, or rather less dense, when we allow the thoughts to come and go without attaching, following or solidifying them. I imagine that our physical structure down to cells, DNA and even atoms is capable of kaleidoscopic shift when our thoughts let go of trying to make us separate, important and immortal. When we begin to connect and 'interbe' with all that is, our personal kaleidoscope joins the universal dance of shifting evolving patterns of energy, creativity and unlimited possibility.


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