Step On Out And Take A Chance On A New You For The New Year


Step On Out and Take a Chance on a New You for the New Year

With the New Year upon us after giving in to everyDream Sculptingoral demon one can imagine over this holiday season, the time is here to take the first step towards cleansing your body on your way to better health. As simple as it sounds, putting one foot in front of the other and walking is the perfect place to start. Whether you get on up and walk in place, take a walk outside to work, to an appointment or have access to walk on a treadmill, the idea is the same. Never stop moving honey! Make it happen. Goals that are swirling around your head with anticipation of achievements yet to acquire are a common theme for most of us. Keep swinging the bat and keep on walking into the mix. Pressing the flesh so to speak. Holidays filled with family visits and company does not always go hand in hand with keeping us motivated to exercise, so let us throw the word exercise out the window for now.

I say "Step On Out!" Make some new choices and take some new chances. Repetition in life as we keep getting up every morning and giving into familiar territory and staying in our comfort zones may often bind our ability to move forward and break new ground. The feeling of no movement both in our bodies and in our lives may bring on depression and snuff out any internal inspiration that we might have.

Since "walking the walk" is a theme I live by, let me relate it to the choices we have on a treadmill. We may step up on a treadmill all ready to try that treadmill workout routine all programmed on the piece of apparatus only to find that the complication of figuring it out pulls us back to the familiar motion of pushing the "manual" button. Now, don't get me wrong, something is always better then nothing where movement is concerned, however, reaching for the unknown that shakes our personal tree trunk can also break free the loose leaves that are ready to fall off and make room for new growth anyway.


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