When Were You Born? Medicine Wheel


When Were You Born? Medicine Wheel

Were you born between March 21st and June 20th? If so,Individualogistyou were born into the eastern quadrant of the Native American medicine wheel.In Native American astrology, your birth date connects you to specific power animal spirit guides who are available for support and help. They also connect the time of year you were born to specific characteristics and energies that are available to you.For this article, the focus is the eastern quadrant of the medicine wheel.

Medicine Wheel East The combined energy for this direction is new beginnings, giving birth to something new, the flourishing of creativity, the wellspring of enthusiasm. Draw upon this energy when you need to transition into something new, need help with a creative project or need renewal.Golden Eagle "If you're learning to meditate, moving from one set of beliefs to another, or simply hungering or spirituality, link up with the eagle. It will help you to reconnect to your personal power." --Stefanie Weiss, Spirit Animals: Unlocking the Secrets of Our Animal Companions

Eagle can help you when you're feeling overwhelmed, or facing difficult choices.It can help you let go of beliefs or habits that no longer serve you and help you to expand your viewpoint.If you've lost your bliss and need to rejuvenate your enthusiasm, hummingbird is the animal spirit you need. Hummingbird can help you embrace life again when your joy seems to be hiding.When you are in an emotionally difficult situation, hummingbird can lift you away from it for a time, helping you retreat long enough to regain perspective.




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