This trait of wealthy people is of paramount importance.Wealth Activation BlueprintIn relationships or jobs of any sort, you must always be willing to do more than is asked of you. This is the best way out of any undesirable situation.Mark has concentrated on this subject as in his childhood he was blighted by lack of self confidence and low self esteem and would like to share his experiences of how he has overcome these issues in the hope that it will help others conquer similar problems.

The psychological default response of most people when in some uncomfortable situation is to do less then they are required. Think of a job you dislike. You will probably show up with a somewhat negative attitude, dread the obligations you must fulfill and always have an eye on the clock for the day's end. In worse situations, you may worry about even leaving your office for fear of encountering a boss or co-worker. You can never do the best possible job if your mind is not focused on that goal.

People who stand out do more than asked, overachieve, and, importantly, do not overpromise. If you are unsure if you can commit to a project, meeting or a relationship request, you must say so. Otherwise, you put yourself in a position to fail by taking on excess responsibility. I am sure you know someone who says, "I'll call you later," then does not call back. Maybe you do that. This is an example of overpromising. The most successful people stand out by doing more than asked in all situations despite their internal emotional states. Do this daily and you will be recognized for overdelivering and opportunities to advance in life will present themselves.




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