Some Ideas About Allergy Relief


Some Ideas About Allergy Relief

I have a very serious allergy to both dairy and nuts which causes  Breathe Green Charcoal Bag Review anaphylaxis and I usually don't eat things with 'may contain' warnings as even a small amount can make me very ill. It wasn't until after consuming a bowl full of this dessert that I noticed the warning; lulled into a false sense of security by the 'Free from' assertions.

However, I didn't suffer any adverse reactions, no side effects, and it was delicious, and a real treat. Would I try it again. I'm not sure... what does this warning mean. What are the chances of these foods being present. I think it's confusing, but it was so nice I just might try it again. I've sent a link to my blog post to Worthenshaws so if I hear back I'll share what they say here as a comment.

The key here is the phrase on the side of the tub - 'recipe free from'. Just because the recipe is free from an allergen doesn't mean there can't be traces of allergens. On the one hand they state that it's 'Free from', but on the other it 'may contain'. What are the laws governing food labelling. Should a manufacturer claim something is free from certain foods if there is even a slim chance of contamination with allergens.

I know that I have to avoid all chocolate except the special varieties such as Kinnerton and Plamil who guarantee their products are nut and dairy free. There are lots of other free from chocolates out there, I only mention these two because they are my favourites. There's an idea for another article idea - Allergy free chocolate. I know I can get quite severe reactions to dark chocolate and that's because quite large traces can be present; in chocolate manufacturing they wash the machinery and conveyor belts with chocolate, which then passes back into the main chocolate vat. It's a bit like russian roulette as to whether the bite you take will contain any traces, and for me, it's not worth the risk.


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