Weight Loss Empowerment What Is It And How Will It Help Me Lose Weight?


Weight Loss Empowerment What is it and How Will it Help Me Lose Weight?

Weight Loss Empowerment is a new concept that isTone Your Tummygrowing rapidly. The reason lies in a simple change in how we sees things and that change bring us Empowerment. So just what is Empowerment? When you have POWER and AUTHORITY, you are empowered.Consider the Front Desk Clerk at a hotel. The guest comes up to the desk upset about something not working properly in their room. If it is a hotel where the employees have no power or authority, the most that the clerk can do is empathize with the guest and perhaps escalate things to the Hotel Manager.

On the other hand, if the hotel has a policy whereby the Front Desk Clerk is able to make decisions in order to ensure customer satisfaction - say any decision that costs less than $20 - then the clerk has the 'empowerment' to make a difference. The clerk might suggest that a credit be applied to the guest's account and that may make all of the difference in the world to the guest. And that might bring a high level of customer satisfaction - perhaps resulting in repeat business from that customer.

Or, as the wonderful book, Creating Raving Fans discusses it might mean that the customer is so overwhelmed by the proactive gesture of the Front Desk Clerk that they are compelled to refer many people to the hotel based on the experience.Do you realize that many people don't have power over their own eating habits, their own activity levels, or even their own self image? For whatever reason, they are constantly imprisoned by their own thoughts of fear and worry.

But we can change all of that in a heartbeat. Anyone can find empowerment related to their weight and shape. So just how does one go about discovering empowerment over these areas? The answers lies in their self image of themselves. If the person had an empowering view of themselves - one where they appears as thin and healthy looking, their perspective on the world would change. And the world would open up to them in whole new ways.If you think of yourself as being overweight, the world plays out to you consistent with that self image. But if you tricked yourself and simply pretended that you were actually a fairly fit person, the world would play out to you consistent with that self image. It really would.



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