Here's The Best Way To Lose Your Belly Fat And Keep It Off!

Here's the Best Way to Lose Your Belly Fat and Keep it Off!

Here's the Best Way to Lose Your Belly Fat and Keep it Off!

That best exercises to build muscle and lose fat are ones that engage as many of your muscle groups as possible.Hold onto light weight dumbbells, between five and twenty pounds depending on your fitness level, and do traditional squats while raising the dumbbells to chest level. This will simultaneously work both your arms and your legs for maximum fat burning potential.You should also work to tone the muscle in your mid-section, a place where both men and women end up storing a lot of excess fat.

Again, engage in a double workout by lying on your back and pulling your bellybutton to your backbone.Then lift your legs up in the air and pedal them as if you are on a bicycle for three to five minutes at a time. You can also do leg lifts and extensions from this positions to target both your abdominals and your legs.The above fat burning exercises are great to engage in if you are pressed for time. However, if you have the opportunity do at least twenty minutes of cardio like jogging, walking, or aerobics before doing your strength training. This will lead to maximum weight loss.

It seems that at least ninety percent of all adults are not happy with their body shape. The figure might actually be closer to one hundred percent. Regardless, most of us think we are too fat or do not have enough muscle. Some people engage in crazy weight loss schemes that may cause them to temporarily shed pounds, but often at the expense of their overall health. There probably isn't a person out there who hasn't heard that carrying those extra love handles around is a major cause of Type 2 diabetes. Some time ago it seemed the epidemic was with overweight adults but with today's sedentary lifestyle among children who watch TV, play video games and surf the web the problem is becoming increasingly a childhood disease. Taking off pounds and inches from around your waist seems to be key in improving the body's blood glucose levels.The following is a brief description of five of the worst side effects of being overweight.

Think about how you would feel day in and day out carrying around a ten pound weight. And that's only ten extra pounds. The strain and stress on your heart, your lungs and your skeleton is enormous. When you see a list like this it might persuade you that now is the time to start losing those unwanted, unhealthy pounds.Healthy weight loss can come only from a balanced diet heavy in fruits and vegetables. It also comes from a steady exercise program. Your exercise does not have to be strenuous; you can take a walk four or five days a week. Think of your weight loss plan less of a temporary solution to a weight problem and more of a lifestyle choice for long term health benefits.


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