How To Lose 50 Pounds In 2-3 Months - 5 Tips


How to Lose 50 Pounds in 2-3 Months - 5 Tips

Memorize the number range for each of the three categories of high, medium Citritherm Review and low. In selecting your foods, reduce the highs, moderate on the mediums, and increase the lows. Do not be confused by the different GI rankings you may see and come across from different sources. Also, they will generally not list foods based on their index number. Rather, and it is more helpful, they usually are listed by food groups or types. Also, there may be slight differences in rankings.

However, the principal remains the same. Choice of foods using this approach is all about balancing your diet, and adjusting your approach to eating. If you follow them, you will get a better outcome and not be unduly stressed out with keeping to a strict set of rules. Once you actually review the glycemic index chart, other than absorbing the information contained in it, you just may be bewildered about some of the rankings, since it defies your own logic about foods that are good for you versus bad. An example is the ranking of a Snickers bar, which is in the 40's compared to a bagel which is in the 70's.

This brings up the other key element of understanding the chart and using it wisely. The explanation for the Snickers bar is that it contains proteins from the peanuts in it in addition to chocolate. The protein reduces the absorption of the rest of the food, which means that the bar takes longer to digest into your system compared to just eating a chocolate bar.

This is a very important concept and well worth remembering and appreciating, since it mimics real life in many instances. It is the same as eating white bread alone, or eating white bread with peanut butter. The addition of peanut butter makes all the difference, and why moms are known to give their children peanut butter sandwiches for school.


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