Can This Forex Trading System Really Help You Make Money?


Can This Forex Trading System Really Help You Make Money?

Forex Assassin is a Forex trading system. The systemForex Monarchclaims that it only requires one minute per week in order to run it. It also states that it was designed for people with little capital and little time yet it advertised being able to make a full time income. Starting off with a very small amount of working capital is not something that is conducive towards making a full time income. It is of course possible in trading to start off with a small amount of working capital and grow it into a full time income but this is nothing that happens immediately.

Forex Assassin claims to be a price driven system and touts the fact that it uses absolutely no indicators whatsoever. I'm not really certain but it doesn't sound as if the creators of the system understand what indicators actually are. The truth of the matter is that most every indicator is price driven...and most every indicator is simply a derivative of one of many combinations of price, time, and or volume, etc.

Perhaps being down on indicators as the system seems to be appealing to those traders who have failed in using indicators to trade successfully. Please keep in mind that an indicator is simply a tool and the misuse of any tool will never yield the desired results.

Forex Assassin claims to be the only true Forex trading solution. This is of course a very bold claim and can in no way be true simply because there are many ways to trade Forex successfully.

As a further peruse the sales literature I look at a chart showing the Forex trading system in action. This is nice to see because it leaves it is you some indication that there are results of some type available for viewing. The sales literature shows three charts with three trades. That is the only information that I see here. As the system does claim to be a 100% mechanical Forex trading system I would think that there would be a track record of some type available. I did not see a track record of any type.


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