What Is Solar Energy?


What is Solar Energy?

Needless to say I could not even understand the mombo jumbo, poorly Nomad Power System Review written instructions in the eBook to even get an electric magnetic motor together, let alone a magnetic power generator which creates absolutely free energy from nothingness. Absolutely free energy. There is no such thing. Energy has to come from something or somewhere, but I am not a technical person and maybe I was just not getting it, so I asked my good buddy, a PhD physicist also a professor with a top university to check it out.

After giving me a good laugh he began to explain why this would never work and that even though top researchers were working on such an alternative energy power source, they are still a long way off. He did say however that an Australian company called Lutec is still trying to perfect such a device, but claimed they re close. And U.S based Magnetic Power Inc, headed by Mark Goldes say they should have a prototype in 6 years or so, but until then we have to wait.

Solar and wind still number one For me that's fine, my solar panels are providing me with up to 85% of my energy needs and I plan to be 100% off the electric grid in less than a year. Well the internet is now saturated with offers of homemade magnetic generator kits and it seems like everyone in now on that bandwagon. But how does it compare with the tried and tested, proven technology of solar power systems.

Well I purchase a copy of the latest and greatest do it your self magnetic generator kit online a few weeks ago and have been trying to put this system together ever since. The instructions were either written by a 6 grader or by someone with very limited command of the English language, and that was not a major issue but it appears that the person who put this eBook together had about the same grade level of education when it comes to physics.



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