Watching What You Say - Lessons From Siberia On How To Change Results By Changing Words


Watching What You Say - Lessons From Siberia on How to Change Results by Changing Words

In overcoming many challenges in finding my true niche I am now focused on helping others do 7 day prayer miracle Review  the same. Throughout these many years Ive observed what it takes shine in your chosen area - how to be one of the best in your selected niche and be confident enough to market yourself powerfully and rise above the competition.What do you need as a coach consultant or other helping professional to name and claim your niche?Here are some essential steps in the form of what you need to release and what must be embraced to move forward Take the time to uncover if you have any of the following traits or behaviors that are holding you back then let them go

Closely linked with the principle The Map is Not the Territory is the principle that what we focus on is what we get almost to the exclusion of everything else. There are also parallels between this principle and the Universal Law of Attraction Imagine that you are standing in a completely blacked out warehouse. Initially you can see nothing. Then you turn a torch on and are able to see a small narrow section of the warehouse which is illuminated by the narrow beam of light from the torch. The warehouse may contain untold riches but if your beam of light is only focusing on an empty patch of soil this is all that you will see.

Now imagine this torch represents your conscious awareness. How much in life are you currently not seeing? We see the world based on who we are what we look for and what we expect to find - not how it truly is. Quantum Physics states that we exist in a soup of pure potentiality. What are you focusing on in your life that is preventing you from seeing what is truly possible?

To take this to the next level we need to look at the conflicting concepts of fear and appreciation. Its not possible to experience both of these at once therefore if we are focussing on something that causes us to experience fear we cannot possibly experience appreciation. This is because the two emotions are accessed from different parts of our brain.


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